another name for jr (see jr)
and his eye color
his eyes are amazing
blue-green is the most wonderful color in the world. hands down dont argue with me.
by JRFan July 2, 2007
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Big hair, bigger heart. A green ice tea enthusiast who's always chewing mint gum.
"Hey did you see that blue Greene over there"

"Ya dude. I heard she likes green tea."
by Jamison Anderson May 6, 2017
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Damn, did you see that Blue Greene? Shes got a sizzling personality
by Joe smith king May 13, 2017
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The girl who has blue-green eyes is a fun, exciting person. The one everyone else envys. She's beautiful even without makeup. When she walks into a room all of the men and even the women stare. She's the truest friend you could ever have and a good keeper of secrets. Don't look into her eyes too long because you may fall under her spell and become addicted. She's a keeper.
I can't stop thinking of her; it must be her blue-green eyes.
by h3ll.on.h33lz June 12, 2014
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Blue and green is made to symbolize eating disorder awareness
You are not alone. Use the colors blue and green to represent eating disorder awareness without being too direct.
by matter*13 April 8, 2022
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They're colours, What the fuck were you thinking???
Dream stan: 'oH lOoK bLuE aNd GrEeN, tHeY mUsT sHiP dNf~'
by ThtGenderfluidFryingPan December 18, 2021
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