you call "238" when you see someone (usually a girl) bending over
johnny: hey man, i was at mrs. smith's house yesterday and she was gardening...i was all "OOOOOOH 238 MRS. SMITH!" and she just smiled and winked
robert: ...LUCKY!
by Nick Thomas August 17, 2006
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just a simple meaning, 23 its our birthdate, and 8 its meaning infinity! its mean my love for you infinity for yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever
how to use it : 238, jeno ❤️
by jenosbigbaby November 20, 2022
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A number larger than 237 but smaller than 239.
238 is a number
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Uranium 238, or u-238, is the most common isotope of uranium. If you shoot a neutron at it, it becomes u-239 and then something else called neptunium 239 and then plutonium 239, which is extremely fissile.
Slash: Man I'm bored. I wish I had some uranium 238 to blow something up.
Torch: Wtf? You wanna end up like that radioactive scout guy? Besides u-238 ain't the stuff used in atom bombs, it's u-235. You use u-238 to make plutonium.
Slash: Plutonium? Now you're talking! Get me some of that shit!
by The Mr Needles Experience October 4, 2006
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Person 1: What is 238+34? I cant do math
Person 2: That's Easy! 1!
by December 6, 2021
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