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A large, heavy object often used in acts of cartoon violence such as Wile E. Coyote.
Not only did the Road Runner lead him off the cliff, but he fell into a river and headfirst onto an anvil! And then, Another anvil fell out of nowhere and flattened him! WORDROTFLMAO/WORD!!!
by Cpt.Bob October 30, 2003
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Those satanic little...devices that blur up the screen in Dance Dance Revolution. Overexposure to arrows can cause arrow-related hallucinations over an indefinite period of time.
After attempting MAX 300 ten times straight, John kept seeing arrows in his nightmares.
by Cpt.Bob November 20, 2004
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The starting location in Metroid(one of the coolest games ever)
Brinstar has some of the simplest enemies in the whole game.
by Cpt.Bob September 06, 2003
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Name of the file extension for user created StarCraft maps.
My favorite map is Cats vs Mice and Flea.scm
by Cpt.Bob September 21, 2003
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The round that is unique to the wordAK-47/word.
I loaded 40 7.62X39 rounds into a target.
by Cpt.Bob October 21, 2003
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In Halo, blue grenades that stick to almost any surface and explode in a cool way.
Pro: don't forget, THE BLUE ONES STICK.
Newbie: *accidentally sticks on to back of Pro's head* they what?! oh sh*t!
*Pro has been killed by ally Newbie*
*Newbie has killed self*
Blue team: -2
Red team: 0
by Cpt.Bob October 05, 2003
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A great weapon in wordStarcraft/word. Cloak a Ghost or two after you have a few silos armed and send them in to your enemy's base. The point of impact is indicated by a lazer point over the designated target.
noob:Hey, that looks like a lazer pointer...
voice: nuclear launch detected
noob: hey you didn't say there was nukes!
*noob was eliminated*
by Cpt.Bob October 06, 2003
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