27 definitions by Cpt.Bob

Coach Z's bastardized version of wordfhqwhgads/word
Coach Z, I thought I asked you to leave like an hour ago.
by Cpt.Bob October 17, 2003
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1)chick who is hot
2)attractive female
3)see wordRAcaseal/word}
by Cpt.Bob October 19, 2003
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The cutest character class on PSO;)
My RAcaseal is the best looking of my characters...
WHAT? Androids need love too!
by Cpt.Bob October 2, 2003
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A great weapon in wordStarcraft/word. Cloak a Ghost or two after you have a few silos armed and send them in to your enemy's base. The point of impact is indicated by a lazer point over the designated target.
noob:Hey, that looks like a lazer pointer...
voice: nuclear launch detected
noob: hey you didn't say there was nukes!
*noob was eliminated*
by Cpt.Bob October 7, 2003
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A funny sounding word that is used after a dumb joke.
It's behind your ear, Derp!
by Cpt.Bob October 17, 2003
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