An adjective meaning awesome. Often has connotations of sexual attractiveness when used in conjunction with a person. Derived from the name of a very attractive recital organist of the same name, married to Jane.
'I thought that book was so Eady. What didn't you like about it?'

'Oh my god, that guy is so Eady. I want him. Our babies would be so hot.'

awesome amazing cool hot sexy wicked
by Buccaisawesome2010 January 28, 2010
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Can be beautiful at times but also has a dark side. She will stab u in the back but will help u heal the wound. She is usually a arrogant bitchy person and will be one of those popular ones. They are usually brunettes with bright eyes. If u ever become friends with one be careful what u say! They are beautiful on the outside and all the boys fall for them!
by Sweet789 January 20, 2017
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An embarassing act, or to say something embarassing, or someone who oftens preforms embarassing acts.
Caroline pulled an eady when she tripped over her dog, fell into the bookcase, breaking a lamp, while all her friends were watching.

Jeremy is the biggets eady ever cause he always embarasses himself trying to get with the ladies.
by jimmygmc88 February 14, 2006
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Its an old english word meaning "Rich gift and prosperity". Very charming, and self assured lady, intellectually humorous and feisty in words aswell as in body language
by TheGirlNextDoor77 December 15, 2013
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the name of someone who goes to mcdonalds everyday
hey i went to mcdonalds today, 'dont you go everyday you sol eady!'
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Fat flat headed melt who is also ginger and likes many many boys in his bed and also goes hunting for huge girls called abi
Isaac eadie s head is so strange
by Fredrico the crack dealer October 28, 2020
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