The car you use everyday cause your race car is broken again

The daily is typically a shitbox like a Honda Civic, Mercury Cougar, Minivan or Pick-up truck
This is my daily. As you can see it’s a total shitbox cause I spend all my money on my race car
by Fluff_the_shot January 15, 2019
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A fine ass thick bitch. Smart as fuck. Loyal and undercover freak! Wet ass pussy. Brown skin clear skin and wants to become successful ;)
Get you a Daily
by JoshM4673 September 10, 2020
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Carrying your cross daily.
Scott McIntosh.
Hey Check out Scotty, He carries his cross daily.

Man, Scott's all day on the daily, that's crazy.
by xxsnipeboixx April 13, 2012
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noun; informal
plural noun: dailys

A "daily" or "dailys" are photos or videos of one partner that are sent to the other partner, daily.

These photo's or videos consist of nudity, teasing ( including booty pics, dick pics, etc...)
Hey baby, I'm going to send you today's daily.

I'm going to go shower. I'll have your dailys ready for you by then.
by Coffee Gum February 22, 2018
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lover of super heroes! See Oliver Queen
Connor was a Daily, he loved Oliver Queen passionatly
by Rombo February 6, 2008
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daily comes from a hat winston once gave to moses. it was a bootleg had measuring 58 cm, one size fits all. it said or jamaica on it. everything bootleg then became known as "daily"
moses- dude neil broke my microwave
andrew- yeah, cause your microwave is madd daily
moses- your mad daily
andrew- you have green hair, and a blank stare!
by andrew aka aggi April 16, 2007
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I smoke the ganj on the daily

Scott and Des pipe on the daily
by bri-bri November 22, 2006
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