Body language is how you communicate with your body. It makes up 55% of your communication which is the majority of it. Voice tone accounts for 38% and the spoken words only 7%. According to scientific research.

Your body language and emotions are linked together. If your feeling nervous your body will communicate it by give off that vibe or if your feeling confident you will give off that vibe. The inverse is also true if you change your body language to someone who is confident you will feel more confident. Another thing about body language is you cannot fake it as it is largely controlled by your subconcious mind. small micro gestures can give away what your truly feeling.

Before humans could speak we used body language and voice tone to communicate, spoken words are only add-ons. A general rule is that woman are more perceptive of body language because they had to raise the children while the men hunted, so they needed to know how there babys were feeling.

In conclusion body language is very important as it is our main form of communication. You CANNOT turn it off as your are constantly communicating something with your body.
GF: (sees lipstick on BF shirt)Were you cheatin on me!?
Bf: NO!(looks left to right nervously)

Try saying "I love you" to someone with a im going to stalk
you look and clenched fist. Your body language will not be congruent with your words.
by Jonathan27 February 27, 2006
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Body language that means something specific.
Hym "Hey.... Want to know a secret?"

Iam "Yeah, sure."

Hym " Not you idiot! The viewers at home!"

Iam "Oh.."

Hym "You ever see a guy do one of these 👈 (without making physical contact) across the small of you girlfriend or wife's back as he walks past her? Do you know what it means? What about you Iam? Do you know?"

Iam "...I don't want to say..."

Hym "It means that the guy fucked your wife! Hahahahaha! Fucked her real good! And I'm not even joking! That's actually what it means! Guaranteed! 100% of the time."

Iam "You don't know anything about body language cues...."

Hym "But am I wrong?"

Iam "......"

Hym "That's what I thought! As a matter of fact, I will bet literally anyone 1 million dollars that is you have seen someone do that ☝️ to your wife or girlfriend then that guy has done this 👌👈👌👈 to your wife! Hahahahaha! 100% accuracy!"
by Hym Iam April 15, 2022
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