A name; given to those with high potential and great intelligence.

Handsome and usually tall, Efes are always regarded to be the sexiest in the society they are in usually because of their afro, light skin, muscularity and well chiseled abs.

Efes are very loving and caring, they are very rare and they are the best kind of friends, Efes can be very annoying buh that is one of the factors that is loved.

However Efes are very emotional and influence people positively.
“That Efe guy has some really nice muscles"
by extreme lovers12345 April 11, 2017
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A nice sweet caring boy who beats his friends in video games and is good at sports
Efe is a name
by efethelion April 13, 2021
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Efe is a cool and handsome guy . Usually very intelligent , outgoing and funny . Efe’s are usually doctors or lawyers .

They always marry beautiful wives and make very caring husbands.
That guy Efe is so handsome and rich .
by Wumzy February 2, 2020
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Efe is a unisex name. The people of Delta are conversant with name.

Its meaning is "Wealth / Riches"

Efe is the short form of its name. That is there are more words added to the name to compliment it more. E.g

Efe-rhire -My wealth/riches has come
Efe-mena -Wealth/Riches is mine
Efe-tobore -My wealth/Riches is on its way.

And there are many others names like that.

In conclusion: Efes;

*Like to eat.
*Have a loving and caring personality.
*Are rare and make a good friend
*Can be very annoying but that is one of the factors that is loved.
*Are very emotional and influence people positively.
My name is Efe
Efe is a girl/boy
Efe's mother's sent her on an errand
Efe is a gorgeous lady
Efe and his friends are playing outside the compound
by Omoblaqee January 31, 2020
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An amazing guy from New Zealand. He is probably the smartest guy you will ever meet. He is so nice and the sweetest. He is a true daddy. He is a cute and hot guy. And will protect his friends before anything. If you are lucky to have an Efe in your life hold on to him cause these guys don't always come around. He is basically perfection and the sweetest boyfriend ever. He will be there to comfort you, compliment you and care for you. And of course, we can't forget about how great of a singer he is, some may even say better than Adele.
Person 1- OMG look at that hottie
Person 2- I think that is Efe
Person 1- I heard he is like the sweetest guy ever

Person 2- I heard he has the voice of an angle
by Hey123there69 May 30, 2019
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Efe is a hot Turkish guy name. Old articles saya who has a husband with a name of Efe, will be rich. So Efe is a powerful name.

Guys with Efe name are;
-has blue eyes

-and the best part "Beypazarı Male"
OMG Efe is so hot.
Yes true i Heard he is a Beypazarı Male.
Yes i Heard it too.
by Average Efe Enjoyer November 21, 2021
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A very gay man. He watches romance anime and cannot get laid
Efe: I'm coming out
Everyone else: we already knew
by RickyBobTosun May 5, 2021
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