If the guys on south park talked normally they would be saying fucked, but they don't talk normally.
Dude: I just got f'd in the a!!
Other dude: I'm jealous.
by Jessie and Chelpoz May 04, 2008
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stands for 'foreign dick'
noun; an attractive male from a foreign country, often a country well know for the attractiveness of its males (ie. Australia, Ireland, etc.), and often sporting a sexy accent.
Let's go to the bar and try to pick up some FD!
I totally slept with some FD last night.
This party sucks, theres no FD's.
by fd-lover November 02, 2010
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Short for FD3S, the rotary twin turbo 13B-REW powered RX7 (3rd generation by American standards, 93-95). The R1/R2 (from the Japanese TYPE-R) has .99g lateral acceleration.
"My brother has a yellow RX7"
"what model?"
by anonymous Rex driver August 10, 2003
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An abbreviation for "Fucking Dipshit" or "Fucking Douche" or "Fucking Dumbass" or...... etc. you can probably think of a ton more.

This is a word that usually describes a dumb jock at your school or workplace or one of those wiggas hanging around the skatepark.
random dumb jock: "lol i just watched Sex and the City wit my mom"
regular person 1: "yeah, you would watch that wit ur mom"
regular person 2: "yeah, youre such a FD"
by Mastersam0 June 11, 2008
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The great Starcraft Clan - FD; Fiery Death. Led By Ezekiel and Afmedafro and found on USWest Battle.net

It has a first commander called Jules who frequently makes quips such as ririri or whoa yeah or RUN LIKE A ZERGLING.
"What clan are you in?" says noob
"FD," says Jules
"WOW you are so gosu"
"Whoa Yeah!"
by LeSteR March 08, 2004
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A term that is treated as a suffix to a sentence for no apparent reason.

It is rumoured that it means "facedown" as in a facepalm like gesture, but this is not confirmed.

It seems to have originated from a bunch of losers from Fletcher's Creek Senior Public School, and is now a common term used at the end of a sentence, similar to "xD", ":P", etc.

Basically if you use this term at the end of your sentences, clearly you're a frigggin' loser.
Girl 1: " omg my boyfriend dumped me! fddfdfdfdfd"

Girl 2: "omg shut the fuck up you type like a retard!"
by trololololo111 September 13, 2011
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