Stands for "Faggot's Delight"

Defined as OTM options expiring very short term. Basically named because only massive faggots would YOLO significant amounts of money betting on large movements in short time frames. Such faggots then delight in getting ass fucked when the trade doesn’t work out.
"I loaded up on a bunch of FD's before the earnings report"

by Buddy Rodgers July 19, 2019
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Short for FD3S, the rotary twin turbo 13B-REW powered RX7 (3rd generation by American standards, 93-95). The R1/R2 (from the Japanese TYPE-R) has .99g lateral acceleration.
"My brother has a yellow RX7"
"what model?"
by anonymous Rex driver August 10, 2003
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stands for 'foreign dick'
noun; an attractive male from a foreign country, often a country well know for the attractiveness of its males (ie. Australia, Ireland, etc.), and often sporting a sexy accent.
Let's go to the bar and try to pick up some FD!
I totally slept with some FD last night.
This party sucks, theres no FD's.
by fd-lover November 2, 2010
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The great Starcraft Clan - FD; Fiery Death. Led By Ezekiel and Afmedafro and found on USWest

It has a first commander called Jules who frequently makes quips such as ririri or whoa yeah or RUN LIKE A ZERGLING.
"What clan are you in?" says noob
"FD," says Jules
"WOW you are so gosu"
"Whoa Yeah!"
by LeSteR March 9, 2004
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An abbreviation for "Fucking Dipshit" or "Fucking Douche" or "Fucking Dumbass" or...... etc. you can probably think of a ton more.

This is a word that usually describes a dumb jock at your school or workplace or one of those wiggas hanging around the skatepark.
random dumb jock: "lol i just watched Sex and the City wit my mom"
regular person 1: "yeah, you would watch that wit ur mom"
regular person 2: "yeah, youre such a FD"
by Mastersam0 June 11, 2008
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A shortened and endearing version of Friend or Frand.
Herrow FD, how you do?
by Lil Bubble July 22, 2018
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