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Badass and extremely prolific Japanese film maker (60 films in 9 years!!!) who has made some of the most daring and imaginative films of the last decade. Films such as the Dead Or Alive trilogy, Fudoh, Audition and Ichi The Killer are both extreme in content and intelligent enough to rise above the label of pure exploitation. His most bizarre film might be Happiness Of The Katakuri's - a musical about a family that open a guest house on an active volcano. He is working on a project with the other great contempory Japanese director Takeshi Kitano.
"kirikirikirikirikiri" - Audition
by Miles Pieri January 8, 2004
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Dead ex-Sega fanboy website that still has a few loser stragglers using it's forum to discuss porn, fizzy drinks, Umbongo's 'love' life and whether any of them will ever bed Frap or Alleycat.
Chance of ever getting a real girlfriend - DEAD!
by Miles Pieri January 23, 2004
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European language schools organisation. Nobody know's what EF actually means although, having lived in Oxford - an EF stroghold - for a number of years I can only assume it stands for 'Easy Fuck.
Did you see those Italian EF girls getting off the coach? Man, sometimes it's good to live in this shithole wanker-student city!
by Miles Pieri January 23, 2004
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Japanese woman of a certain age who looks and acts much younger. Given that it's often hard to identify the age of asian women anyway it can be difficult to spot a burriko.
I'm not your burriko girl - Urusei Yatsura (The band, not the manga/anime by takahashi rumiko)
by Miles Pieri January 21, 2004
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Iconic anime character originally created by Tezuka Osamu (the 'Manga no Kamisama') as a comic book in the 1950's.
Astro (Tetsuwan Atomu - Mighty/Iron Arm Atom in Japanese) is a young robot boy who fight for truth, justice and the bushido way in a futuristic megalopolis.
by Miles Pieri January 23, 2004
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Ahh...the dyed yellow hair, the big socks, the bleeding-edge mobile phone. We all love Kogals, those young Japanese schoolies who hang around in gangs everywhere from Osaka to Oxford. It makes life just that little bit easier to take, watching them with their Badtz Maru handbags and Domo-kun Alice bands.
'Did you see the legs on that Kogaru? Like a bloody elephants...'
by Miles Pieri January 21, 2004
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