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A developmental disorder that alters the intentions of social interaction of an individual characterized by impaired social norms. Normal language and cognitive executions are altered in such a way to represent "status." This status is intended to be represented to others and takes priority over personal preferences or choices.

Side effects include; heightened unwarranted interest in other peoples lifestyles as well as intense publication of otherwise private or unsubstantial personal information.
That girl only cares about what her next status update will be; really I dont care that your "drinking a mojito on the sundeck." She needs to find a cure for her Facebook Syndrome!
by Kgrone August 17, 2010
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Calling people by their first and last names. Caused because facebook refers to people by their firsts and last names.
" Yeah, last night i hung out with Sarah Williams, Xavier Mozejewski, and Ben Smikler"
" No, you just sat on facebook all night."
"Why do you think that?"
"Another victim to the facebook syndrome"
by Xander Mozejewski October 14, 2009
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