Dyna is an amazing person to be friends with. Even though she has a cold image, she is friendly with the ones she's familiar with. She will stick with her loved ones thick and through. Also, she is a beauty at its finest so you might wanna have a strong courage to talk to her. ;)
Hai Dyna ini aku abhaha. Lol
by By her friend July 31, 2017
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To take monopoly over a board by posting just as much as any other three users at any time, thus causing that forum to die a slow death -

To cleverly(or not so cleverly) flame or edit posts of annoying spammers trying to incite laughter at other members.

A person that still lives the 8/16-bit era of games in his mind and because of that chooses to ignore today's reality and the world we live in, saying that it is evil and boring...
"This guy has been dynaing this place until he was the only one left and then it took him ten days to quit posting"

-"Hehe , that was a good dyna you pulled on that damn spammer, he will not be back soon."

-"There are too many of those Dynas in that old arcade to put them all in a mental hospital, might as well just leave them."
by Arthur Wulf September 11, 2003
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a friendly cool sexy guy that likes leon and dylan and many other cool hot guys ;) (no homo)
also best lego hackxser ever ok no gay heckin
dyna ur so cool pls legohaxs me ooooof
by yourmamgay January 2, 2018
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A supernatural gay glasses wearing gay woman who likes washing pants with batteries in her pants
Remember the time you washed your pants dyna
by alinshit March 10, 2019
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The critical ops version of Dev1ce, also a critical ops competitive player and ex content creator, check him out on Yt at Dynasty iOS critical ops
Dyna wins these
by KingDyna November 29, 2020
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A specific type of Harley-Davidson owner. Rides a bike of the Dyna family that is modified in a specific club style. High t-bars, raised suspension, and a fairing are common. Most likely will be wearing dickies shorts, long songs, vans, and a Simpson Racing helmet.
You're going to have to raise up those bars if you want to be a true Dyna Bro
by Bike N Bird May 8, 2019
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A woman whose vagina is burning.
Dave , dont do her she got that Dyna Gina.
by Kitt Kat crew March 31, 2010
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