a place where you go for recovery from an ED, suicide attempt, self harm, mental disorders, trauma etc.
i got sent to a mental hospital because i was self harming. the food was kinda good tbh
by kaitykait October 24, 2019
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A place to make sure you don't kill yourself for a few days
Yeah i had to go to a mental hospital because i tried to kill myself
by ...sad... November 19, 2017
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a mental hospital is a very how do i say this outgoing place mental hospitals do not help what do ever. mental hospitals are a waste of people’s time and don’t be like a brennen and zen your girlfriend to one!!
guy1: hey look it’s a mental hospital
guy2: let’s get out of here i hate those places
by <3 swag baby February 27, 2021
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Mental hospital dupe is a gc on instagram that brought together the most iconic arianators on stan twt.

participants are, edelinn (lovinagbg), mel (luhvxari), courtney (everyxtimes), fiora (fiora_betteroff), laya (evryt1m3), ju (jusavenue), mia (needyforleclerc), juaan (juaangng_), manu (intocloud), val (wildin_val), ben (333POSITIONS), ian (offthetablestan), brandon (arianas_p_o_v), sam (AG7yuh), daan (gwsdaan), jenny (nvstygrnde), khalid (mottivve), sep (Wandaxwiccan), kai (Natashasfather), noah (bloodlineprint), akha (grandes_pov), yanis (ts_betteroff), rosa (idontwantyu), nick (ItsNicckBitch) and miguel (nstyctrl).

This gc works together to end all ariana antis and promote/stream her music (and nickis ofc). They also play fun games together and bully eachother!

Of course.. all gcs have some whales.. like anne (PRETTYBAWBIE).

Overall this gc is a must to exist for twitter to function!

(stream positions!)
mental hospital dupe is the best gc to exist 🙈
by lovinagbg August 10, 2023
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Creedmoor Mental Hospital is a psychiatric institution for mentally disabled or challenged persons. It is located in Queens Village, NY and can be seen from the Tribourough Bridge entering Queens. It is known for its abusive and cruel treatment toward patients and numerous barbed wire fences surrounding the hospital. Protective bars cover all the windows to prevent any escape or suicidal attempts from patients. Working in this hospital can be pretty dangerous.
Dan: "Yo, what happened to Bill?"
Jenny: "He ended up in Creedmoor Mental Hospital"
Dan: "Oh, he must've been really mental."
by girard December 22, 2009
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The worst fucking place on the internet. Everyone in it has some form of STD.
Oxygens Mental Hospital is probably on fire right now.
by Rubedo January 9, 2021
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