The true best console era ever, the SNES dominated all and many great games were created like:

- Super Mario All-Stars
- Super Mario World
- Mega Man
- Donkey Kong Country I - III
- Super Star Wars Series
- Street Fighter II
- Super Castlevania IV
- Final Fight
- Super Mario Kart
- Final Fantasy II & III
- Zelda: A link to the past
- Super Mario RPG


Everyone had a SNES in the 90s.
The most popular problem was that the cartridges got dusty and you had to Blow inside the SNES and cartridge to make it work again.

The SNES simply rocked.
Gary: "The 16-bit SNES changed my life, now I love videogames more than anything."

Dave: "Dude, let me blow into the cartridge, I want to play Super Mario Kart!""
by Gary Dave December 14, 2009
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