Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. Popular hangout for drugees in New York.
"Man lets go to DUMBO and pick us up some MJ"
by Josh Williard August 31, 2005
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A dumbo is someone who has larger than usual ears. And or, someone who can use them to fly. So dumbos are very gifted in a way.
Alex: Why does Dumbo look like that?
Bob: He's a fucking dumbo!
Alex: So that's why his ears are like that?
Bob: Ye.
by Oloop August 18, 2020
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that elephant that we all loved as children that got drunk in the book and the movie ,drinking whiskey from a tub and still had a MOTHER FUCKING HAPPY ENDING
Anaya got drunk by drinking whiskey from a tub ,like a dumbo
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by Dr. Thunderman August 04, 2017
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1: A stupid way of saying dumb only little kids and dumbfucks say this

2: A movie about a fatass elephant learning how to fly in a circus
1: "You are a dumbo!"

2: "Yo did you see the movie dumbo? that shit made my day"
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by Bouncy will slap u June 05, 2020
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