The result of ejaculating on a sexual partner with dark skin. Named for the likeness of a clear night sky (or planetarium) with the contrast of droplets of ejaculate on dark skin.
Craig: Hey, African American girlfriend. Remember that time I popped one out on your belly.
Tracy: Yes, Craig. The contrast of your ejaculate on my awesome dark skin reminded me of a planetarium.
Craig: You might say that I gave you a Planetarium.
Tracy: Sure ... I guess you could.

Reginald: Yo, Franz, I heard dat Victoria got a photo of her planetarium up on da Facebook?
Franz: Shhhhiiittt. You mean a photo of dat booty with a bunch of cum all up on da surface of it?
Reginald: Yes.

Omar: Hey, Becky, did you hear that the superhero Captain Planitarium saved an entire city this morning?
Becky: Oh, really? How did he do that?
Omar: He ejaculated on everyone!
by richardblack3 April 24, 2014
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A place where stoner's go in January on Saturday nights to get baked and see a Laser-light show consisting of Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, or The Beatles.
Adam, Ryan, and Jun, always go to the Rochester Planetarium every weekend in January to watch the laserlight show while HIGH.
by lakshmi234423 January 8, 2008
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The term for when a woman's breasts are so covered with moles that they resemble two inside-out planetariums with inverted color schemes, the moles of course being the stars and planets.
Eric: So I picked up this girl at the campus bar and brought her back to my dorm, but as soon as i had her shirt off I realized she had moles everywhere. Her tits were like a couple of negative planetariums.

Steve: Did you find the big dipper?

Eric: Well she sure didn't, if you know what I mean.
by bladzes October 4, 2009
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