sissified, punk

used to describe someone unaccustomed to frank discussions, particularly a man who is made uncomfortable by mild hostility, a fop
Don't let the flannel fool you; at heart he's a gentrified little girl.
by tom ballard February 3, 2008
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What people who have lived in a place for more than 5 years call people who have lived in a place for less than 5 years.
"This neighborhood used to be so real before all those gentrifiers moved in." (Generally said by someone who grew up in the suburbs, probably in a different state).
by Baltimore March 24, 2015
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A puritan conservative who pretends that is a 'hipster'
I was a gentrifier in Williamsburg. Like the maligned hipsters, I used my parents’ savings to secure a place to live. I wanted grocery stores that carried organic products like Horizon milk for $6 per half-gallon, and overpriced but aesthetically satisfying coffee shops like El Beit. I needed expensive boutiques, otherwise I would have felt bad for having left Manhattan.
by Compay November 14, 2010
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A word used by people who insist their neighborhoods can never change to disparage new construction and change in the composition of the neighborhood. Usually accompanies by NIMBYISM. Typically, the cause of this is either being unwilling to accept new development, and/or not realizing that when new houses are built for the rich, their old houses open up for everyone else.
"I can't believe developers tried to build a new apartment in the one part of my city that hasn't been zoned for single-family housing. I can't believe capitalism would gentrify the poor people out of their homes!"
by Pizzaslayer111 June 15, 2020
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A self made hipster that maintains hood tendencies, despite being out of his element
by Carlo blanco August 10, 2019
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When people try to make somebody a part of their community, they dont need it to gentrify, it's no way to repay them. People should have as much involvement in the decision of what goes where in the area they live as a developer or anybody else involved in a decision, even if they dont pay to build it. The king is as in need of his subjects as the subjects are in need of him sort of thing. The same applies with music or anything else somebody wants to gentrify.
The king thoughts his subjects were the only people who needed permission to do anything, so he went ahead and tried to gentrify their lives for them.
by Solid Mantis May 29, 2020
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