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A Girl who's Vagina flaps hang so low they are considered to look like the ears of the famous Dumbo the elephant. having sex with someone considered a Dumbo, results in queefing. the flaps, flap together to create the air pockets in the Vagina creating the fart within the Vagina. Girls that are considered Dumbo's are VERY loose and Yes, there Vagina does hang low and wobble to the floor.
me: "Damnn Girl, what's Hanging?"
Mack: "Oh, can you see my Hanging Flaps from here?"
Me: "Code red, she's a dumbo. Retreat."
by Speakingthetruth88 January 22, 2012
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A crazy psycho bitch, also known as Whale. She is someone who likes to play the victim card when everything she wants falls to pieces. She wants everyone to feel bad for her when really she's the one causing all her problems. She's jealous crazed and causes her to lose all the people that mean the most to her. she's very controlling and likes to tell everyone what to do, and if they don't do it her way, she will freakout on you like a crazy bitch. She is someone you want to stay clear from. someone who is hated by many, and loved my none. How she traps you, is inbetween her legs STAY CLEAR! she will queef on you.
H: "Dude i don't know what i was thinkin with that bitch? she's insane."
M: "Yeah, man sorry to hear you fucked a whale."
H: "Yeah, i regret it so much, she was such a damn Mackenzie."
by Speakingthetruth88 January 22, 2012
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