What used to be termed as a 'Studio Apartment' (+/- 400 SF) is now being marketed as 'loft' by real estate people to capitalize on current trends and confuse the buying public that any one room apartment is a 'loft'.
(A REAL loft is a minimum of 1,000+ sf with no walls, but could be divided up into several rooms if so desired.)
"Dude, are you sure this new condo of yours is a loft? It seems like a studio apartment to me: it's like 200 sf, you could only fit your bed in here, every time i move I knock something over, and the ceilings are so low I have to duck just to walk around!"
"OF COURSE it's a LOFT, my real estate agent ASSURED me of this! I mean, I wouldn't have paid $900K for a studio apartment! "
by mmichaell June 18, 2005
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A crappy, overpriced, undersized apartment that real-estate agents market as trendy. Frequently located in a crappy ghetto and/or a contaminated former industrial building, facts that the real estate agent also downplays.
Real Estate Agent: Look at these new lofts, priced from $1500/month. They're in a vibrant new neighborhood in a historic landmark building.

Really: A 400 square foot walk-up apartment with a cheap coat of paint hiding the asbestos. Should rent for $500/month, but some sucker is willing to pay $1500. The neighborhood is almost never as nice as the brochures make it out to be.
by Uncle Lance March 19, 2009
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loft, or l.o.f.t, meaning "lack of fucking talent"
Joe: You're suffering from some major loft.
Mike: Yeah, I'm definately lacking.
by SkeetOOO August 9, 2006
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inhabitable premises with a view (especially of the sky in the early morning), usually in trendy downtown locales where frequent kissing, hair pulling, hand feeding, and viewing james bond flicks occur.
3rd floor of an architectural structure @ the corner of gay & S. Hill
by juliewksm February 5, 2005
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verb adopted from football commentary in the British Isles, but made more flexible in order to encompass the following meanings:
1. to hoist
2. to proceed
3. to give
4. to penetrate
1. Rory Delap lofts a foreboding long throw towards the opposition's penalty area

2. Let's loft into town for a shot of Chartreuse before the pubs close

3. Loft over my boxers there like a good man

4. I wouldn't half loft it into that young one

by rossi85 November 6, 2008
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Opposite of bury. The act of exposing or revealing something. Also could mean saving someone from an unpleasant situation.
A debt-counselor can help to loft your financial security.

After saving someone from an awkward situation, "Dude, I just lofted your ass"
by Joeday November 13, 2007
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THE greatest HALF LIFE COUNTER STRIKE player that you will ever know about.

you will never be as good as loft!

loft! is the greatest
by ATN February 14, 2004
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