Yeah, that dumpling is going to have to find another girl with parents who are OK with whites.
by Napoleon IV December 14, 2008
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A term used by usually a guy, to describe his significant other, girlfriend, or some female of interest. It can be used in situations of loke or love.
Guy: I loke my dumpling.
Dumpling's Friend: I think you two should go out then. Such lovers in denial.
by Matt Huynh August 23, 2004
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A cooked dough based food commonly cooked in stews/soups/casseroles
by goosewing January 3, 2005
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A term that refers to a person that is constantly needing to take a shit
Jeff Labeau, commonly called dumpling, is often sighted looking down in the urinals.
by Chorgan December 16, 2007
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a very small and compact turd. Likely to have originated in the cheese producing valleys of Wisconsin during the the Clinton administration.
I tried to take a fat dump but could only squeeze out a dumpling.
by Johnny April 2, 2005
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n. Small dump. Usually produced by a puppy or an overflowing politician.

I wll grant you that it is cute. But it is none the less a dumpling. Avoid being sullied by it.
by gnostic3 May 30, 2020
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shortened name used by people in England to call inhabitants of the county of Norfolk from the term Norfolk Dumplings, also used to discribe supporters of Norwich City football club
really can't stand those dumplings why are they allowed out of Norfolk ?
by fussyballbag April 3, 2011
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