(noun); One who touts family values whilst molesting said family.
(verb); the act of proselytizing an ill-conceived deity whilst doing the exact opposite.
"Somehow that dugger hasn't been arrested, child molestation ain't what it used to be… we used to just take those duggers out back and shoot 'em"…"my cousin's friend got duggered growing up but I suppose that's life on a peach grove"
by Dethohol May 31, 2015
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Fucking something up beyond all repair.
You totally Duggered that.
by JJ280 August 06, 2018
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The art of deep-throating 2 footlong hotdogs without chewing.
Hey bro, that chick just pulled the dugger at the hot dog stand. I need to get her number.
by trailblazer1972 June 18, 2014
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Yet another synonym for dumbass. Popularly used in such context in Brisbane, Australia. Can be noun or adjective.
"Woody really studied hard and still failed the exam. Poor bloke, can't help being a dugger."

- "You choosing advanced maths for your degree?"
- "Nah, I'll do dugger maths and at least get good marks in it."
by Holden Jackaroo September 06, 2006
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n. One who talks excessively, especially about trivial or irrelevant subject matter.

v. To conversate aimlessly about insignificant or pointless banter.
I'm hanging up now, you're duggering.

What in the hell was Greg talking about in the meeting today?

I don't know...he's a dugger.
by Rebekah December 23, 2003
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A person or thing that has several attributes that are held in high regard but the perceived lack of any flaws or weakness becomes the flaw/weakness that overpowers all other qualities.

To criticize a person or thing that falls short of high expectations too harshly.
Man 1 "Dog did you see that new SUV in (popular magazine)?" "It gets like 100 miles to the gallon, goes 0-60 in 4 seconds, can fly short distances, and cost under 15 thousand dollars."

Man 2 "Thats a damn dugger. It must be a death trap for that price."

Man 1 "I don't know, you just can't dugger it. I mean even if it can't do all that, a new SUV for under 15 thousand is a damn good deal."
by Names August 28, 2004
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Having sex without contraception, especially if your religious beliefs forbid it. Popularized by television family the Duggers from 18 kids and counting.
You hear number 19 is on the way?

Yeah dude, all they do is Dugger style. Haven't they ever heard of condoms?
by CamChar February 09, 2012
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