Sum guyz ask gurlz to duck them we do!
by Jennifer December 6, 2003
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When your partner sits on your abs after a work out and farts and tries to make is sound like a duck quacking.
I was going to let Lori duck me in the abs but when Mike let Mary duck him in the abs, and she accidently shit on him. I decided to pass.
by Yobytsan February 13, 2018
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don't wory 'me duck'...
by Merlyn Black March 12, 2004
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A friendly greeting, often used in Nottinghamshire, which can leave people not from the Midlands a bit puzzled the first time they hear it.
“Ey up me duck, y’alreet?” (Hello, are you well?)
“Aye, grand. Y’rsel’?” (Yes, I’m fine. How are you?)
by AKACroatalin May 29, 2015
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An exclaimation from It can be found on the website's 13th menu (Atari-themed)by moving your mouse over the "email" button (Strong Bad screams it), and also by watching the first deleted scene of the Yellow Dello movie (Homestar Runner says it).

Most commonly used as a random quote, and occasionally used to tell an annoying person to get lost.
"Somebody get this freaking duck away from me! This guy won't leave me alone!"
by Mutant Circus February 11, 2004
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The polite exclamation that should be shouted if one is a midget wrestler running away from the dragon/duck from the atari adventure game "ADVENTURE"
"Sombowee geh tis fweekin duck away fwom me"- the deleted scene from the thriller "SEARCH FOR THE YELLOW DELLO" It was deleted- sorry, baleated- because of Homestar's bad language. That's what you get for trying to copy Stong Bah. Imean, Strong Bad.
by ME SO IDIOT April 22, 2003
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