4 definitions by ME SO IDIOT

The polite exclamation that should be shouted if one is a midget wrestler running away from the dragon/duck from the atari adventure game "ADVENTURE"
"Sombowee geh tis fweekin duck away fwom me"- the deleted scene from the thriller "SEARCH FOR THE YELLOW DELLO" It was deleted- sorry, baleated- because of Homestar's bad language. That's what you get for trying to copy Stong Bah. Imean, Strong Bad.
by ME SO IDIOT April 22, 2003
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Someone who makes strong bad have to make the cheat make him another cake.
Uhhhhh- a cake for the poopsmith? DEUCE!
by ME SO IDIOT April 26, 2003
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A big, neckless pink guy in a singlet. Can't say anything normal. Like Douglas.
Also enjoys making origami out of unused emails.
by ME SO IDIOT April 22, 2003
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