The act of choking so violently on a huge cock, that the giver is choking and gagging. Hence, making a -deep, back of the throat quacking sound.
God, this bitch wont ever shut up. Even giving head she kept quacking.
by sillydillyvanilly April 10, 2015
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1. verb, to quack.
To talk crap.
2. verb, to quack.
To talk really fast so that only people on the same wave length or with special hearing aids can hear you.
1. What was Dr Mallet quacking about in Physics?
2. Jeez did you hear Laura quacking? Swear I don't understand a word she says.
by AJ_legend February 20, 2008
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In a cycle race, when riders are bumping and grinding for a better position in the peloton. This sometimes results in riders being pushed off the road or into the "gutter."
After the race, Tom exclaimed, "Riders were quacking in the peloton all day. I almost got pushed into the gutter several times."
by headofsteam October 6, 2013
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A term for reserving a seat.
Me: Quack Quack Seat Back.
You: Well, you can't reserve seats here.
Me: Well, shit in my purse!
by Timmy Sanders March 6, 2006
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Expression used when referring to someone that is a duck. Simulates the sound that the animal known as a duck makes. Appropiate when out in public and you see a duck but don't want to risk someone noticing the fact that you are insulting them. Orgin is the show Growing up Gotti, where there is the biggest example of a duck, a gentleman whose actual name is quack quack.
"You cried during the movie??? Quack Quack, I knew you were a bitch."
by Gregory G. October 16, 2005
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When your dumbass boss or someone in authority tries to tell you what to do or Someone who talks too much.
I went to the bosses office and you know how that went "quack quack quack"!
by John Hopper November 19, 2004
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A doctor of questionable ablitiy and reputation.
Even tho Erin's dad claims to be a doctor, I say he's a quack! He didn't even graduate high school!
by Stella Lafayette December 5, 2004
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