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Used to cover up how you actually feel... you want people to believe your okay when you’re actually dying inside and have no where to go
Person 1- hey, how are you??

Person to-hey, I’m fine

Person 1- good to hear that
by Triple3a November 26, 2017
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When a girl is so mad, and a guy asks if they are okay. They usually reply with “I’m fine” If a girl says this to you, DO NOT walk away or you are a dead man. When a girl says “I’m fine” they are worst than bad. The meter goes Perfect, Awesome, Excellently, great, good, okay, not bad, bad, horrible, terrible, I WANT TO DIE, I’m Fine.
(Girl just broke up with her BF)

Guy: Are you okay?
Girl: I’m fine

Guy: Okay Bye.

*Guy dies*

Guy 2: Hey. Are you okay?
Girl: I’m fine
Guy 2: What do you want to do? I am here for you

*Guy 2 and girl gets married*
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by Unicorn_Potato613 July 27, 2018
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A phrase that teenagers normally use to say that they are really not ok because they were either G noted or they are self harming.
Charlie: How are you?
Amiee: I’m fine

(I can relate to these humans)
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by ItzYaBoiBree October 10, 2018
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Sometimes means I’m actually fine but most of the time it means I’m not fine
Sally: are you ok?
Kiera: I’m fine *after getting heartbroken*
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by Lilybustos11 September 12, 2018
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The most told lie in the English language. Used when someone is, in fact, not fine, but drowning in their sadness. They say ‘I’m fine’ because they don’t want to worry anyone with their problems, and it’s easier than explaining what’s wrong.
person 1 : how are you, you look upset?
person 2 : oh, I’m fine thanks, just tired
person 2 is not fine.
I’m tired - tired of living, tired of fighting, tired of waking up everyday to fight a constant battle going on inside their head.
by piginawig March 04, 2019
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