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An attempt by insecure people, mostly young girls, but sadly, some older women also, to appear "sassy" and to project an "I don't care" or "you know I'm sexy" look as if looking like a retarded duck were attractive. Unfortunately, this just shows that a person is insecure and in need of others approval for their happiness.
by Zupper November 23, 2014
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A sad and tragic epidemic hitting young girls all across myspace and facebook

usually found on girls who think they are flirty
boy1: dude look my gf posted another pic
boy2: omg your girlfriend has duck face disease
by hater86337 December 15, 2009
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A look that is only acceptable if you happen to be a duck.
-"Hey look, that duck is making a duckface!"

-"Hey look, that girl is making a duckface!"
by bobboy67 March 11, 2012
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Stupid facial expression put forth by stupid women that don't know how to smile. The Duckface is made by moving both lips has far up and outward as possible. Commonly seen in photos of slutty women where the lighting is too high up or they're taking photos of them self in the mirror.
She put on a duckface the moment she pulled out her camera.
by Joeygforce January 09, 2010
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A facial expression utilized by attention-seeking teenage girls in which they push their lips outward and upward to give the appearance of large, pouty lips.
Amanda Fuchs makes a duckface in all of her profile pictures.
by JLluvsU June 10, 2010
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1. The condition of the human face after having sucked over ten thousand cocks.

2. An attempt to appear sexy, via a non-verbal offer to suck a cock. Usually done while posing for a cell phone or other digital camera.
"See? Now you're stuck that way, duckface."
by Greyhair61 February 11, 2012
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