a beautiful young girl, sweet and kind.
man, that girl is a retarded duck
by katy j becum March 23, 2017
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Retarded duck syndrome is a disease that affects both body and mind. Its main targets are teenage girls, but adolescent figures and the elderly may suffer this as well. The first signs of this disease is duck lip poses in pictures with your friends. It then eventually moves on to duck-lip selfies as well. These photos are then posted to online sites such as facebook and twitter.Eventually, the disease begins to control you and eventually, you turn into a retarded duck.
"Hey, look at that duck splashing around in the pond."

"Oh, that's just Rebecca. She got retarded duck syndrome from posting too many pictures on facebook."
by beanerpunta123 August 4, 2013
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a group of ducks that loiter in a hotel parking lot and make the motion sencer doors go WHOOSH whoosh WHOOSH whoosh WHOOSH whoosh
A group of ducks sitting in a puddle in the middle of a hotel parking lot when there is a huge lake 50 feet from the back of the hotel. A retard of ducks standing under the hotel auning, because its raining, making the doors open and close.
by spartan104 June 27, 2008
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