adj.-like a bitch..but not exactly. Having the characteristics and qualities of what the common person would refer to as a bitch.
"I like your cat, but she is kind of bitch-like."
"My girlfriend is acting bitch-like today."
by nick everywhere April 27, 2008
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When someone on facebook purposefully "likes" everything you post such as statuses, photos, or wall posts, as if to mock you, but not really. Bitch-likers ultimately want your attention.
"Guess who's bitch-liking me again?"
Oh god. That shit's gotta stop."
by bitch-liked July 7, 2010
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acting like a bitch, in other words exhibiting or displaying mean behavior

which explains the term bitch-like-behavior
she told me to throw myself of the bridge, wow she really does exhibit bitch like behavior
by the Urbandictionary expert November 2, 2015
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Used to describe men that act in ways similar to over emotional, unstable women. Examples include:

1. Keeping up drama in personal relationships
2. Becoming easily offended
3. Hyper-sensitivity to criticism
4. Excessive tears in otherwise normal situations
The more Kesha hung around this dude, the more she began to notice that he had some real bitch-like-tendencies (BLT's). He was more drama-filled than her regular chicken headed crew.
by Anonymuse April 7, 2008
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~a phrase in the song "Gonorrhea" by Lil Wayne feat. Drake. The song is from the album " I Am Not A Human Being".

~having your dick inside a pussy

Man~ "I was in my bitch like a tampon last night when we were fucking"

"we in this bitch like tampons" weezey says
by alex304 October 18, 2010
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Someone who posts on Facebook just to receive Likes
John posted another picture of his cat, what a like bitch!
by Totya July 27, 2015
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