duck facing is when someone is very clearly telling a lie with the fattest smirk on their face.

making the mouth look like a ducks beak as the lips stick out.
Eva: You’re such a duck facer!!

João: No, im not lying 😡
by eraclei July 18, 2022
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Dude duck face refers to a man taking selfies of himself, trying to make his face look more attractive than it actually is. *Similar to girls making duck faces.
The guy I am starting to date is obviously making dude duck faces in the selfies he is sending me. Not interested in someone like that.
by Venomhead January 3, 2019
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A girl that dips snuff who takes a selfie of herself just before having to spit her tobbaco juice out. The pic is of her pursed lips ready to spit.
She took a duck face pic as she was about to spit!
by Timberman August 27, 2017
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Facial expression related to a lack of friends and self-steem. It is ofen used as a demand of attention.

See also selfie.
I bet that dorky bitch will fill the web tonight with her duck face/kissy face.
by D1ego October 30, 2013
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An Asian person doing a duck face, yet he is deformed and he is confused about something.
-Dude, you drew a Deformed Confused Asian Duck Face!
-That guy over there is a Deformed Confused Asian Duck Face...
by CHEESEYDINOSAUR June 17, 2013
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A terrible state of affairs where you become the ridicule of everyone around you. Nothing you say or do has any credibility, due to the ducks being in the way. An insult used to point out the victims insignificance. Often associated with being recklessly intoxicated.
Person A: "Now listen to me, it's a fact that...

Person B: : "Shut up! You've got ducks in your face!"
by Skorrrochorro August 19, 2010
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