Dry ass is when u wipe to hard and your asshole gets all dry and that skin cracks and u start bleeding. There is no known cure for dry ass. It is the absolute worst.
“Dude I was just walking the other day and felt a sharp pain on my asshole. I then realized that I had been struck by dry ass for wiping too hard when I took that massive dookey earlier today.”
by Da A-Team October 14, 2018
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Used to indicate that someone is intentionally performing an action , typically an action that isnt favorable, or one that goes against the normal or expected behavior . Also used to indicate that the person is doing an action in this manner , despite social or ethical guidelines
" That guy just DRY-ASS jumped in line . I know he sees us all here" .

" That guy just DRY-ASS snitched us out because we wouldn't let him come to the party ".
by Eedwards7891 October 19, 2018
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Anal sex without the use of lube, when the receiving partner is constipated.
Jackie did not want to have anal sex because she was constipated, but Aditya convinced her to have a Dry Ass-Brownies.
by Bone Smuggler February 19, 2010
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An abnormally dry vagina. For women who share underwear, having a dry ass cooch can be a detractor or a positive.
I don't want those panties, they had your dry ass cooch on them.
by markeee2239 February 24, 2011
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A girl that thinks she is amazing but is not and cheated on her ex-boyfriend which made her have a dry ass pussy.
by hadleyday123 September 17, 2020
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When the person you wanna text specifically (the nigga you wanna be with )takes a long time texting back or keeps saying "wyd" 25/8
malik was just being a dry texting ass nigga last night sis
by Vibewajj February 4, 2018
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