malik means "king" a strong and powerful leader
by king leadee June 3, 2018
fine looking guy and the best person you would ever meet
malik is fine
by micai cordice weech May 7, 2018
an arabic word meaining ruler or king... often a name or surname... in some cases often pronounced maleek in america usually
" Mr Malik your appointment is next"
" Sheikh Malik"
" yo do you know that kid X Malik, his name means he's the King!"

Often in the black american muslim society the name Malik is pronounced as Maleek.. for example in the american black comedy sitcoms..
by KingPin2 March 30, 2007
1. An Arabic name that basicaly means 'King'.

2. Also the name of a character off of the anime/manga, Yugioh. But this characters name is also spelled Marik or Maliku.
I can't really think of an example of the word 'Malik'. Sorry.
by J. Waltz April 20, 2007
the one that caused everything
man 1: i stubbed my toe
man 2: its malik's fault
by Aumon1042 February 9, 2022
The Malik is a type hairstyle originating from Birmingham, United Kingdom. It is a hairstyle which is deliberately ridiculously crap or unsuitable for the hair-owner, or one which looks as if it is supposed to have been.
- Your new hairstyle looks shit!
- Yeah, It's a Malik.
- Ah, I see.
by Joe Ecnub September 4, 2006
the surname of god
someone: does god have a surname?
me: zayn malik is god
by streamfolklore October 30, 2020