When you fucking text someone back
Omg does he even know what a text back is?
by Yay for learning March 8, 2015
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Some word foreigners use no female in America knows what this is or how to do it;its a unknown language
Dude:aye text back
Her: im not a foreigner
by @Yoniggasfl February 5, 2017
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the rate at which you get reply text messages from a friend/guy.

a high TBT would indicate interest or a good friend

a low TBT means they're not really interested or have more intersting things to do than text back to you.
"My self-worth measured in text back tempo
it's been 2 days and 8 minutes too slow"-Imogen Heap (Half Life).

"i think this guy likes me, his text back tempo is really fast"
by miss.belief October 15, 2009
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A variation on "Down To Fuck," Down to Not Text Back implies a girl that will most definitely not return your digital advances. Usually, this situation can be transparent. However, the worst cases occur when you get totally played and blindsided by a girl who's seemingly really really really into you.
by Bury Me A Lion August 6, 2011
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When your texting the only person you like to text and you fall asleep. So they are thinkin something bad maybe so when you notice you wanna kommit ded and you cant bc you have to text them back or they wont ever get a text back😔 sorry
I feel bad for not replying i have no text back pardom
by Bigdawglilboiiiii August 25, 2019
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Being a bloke I have to say this is actually what GIRLS do. They feel the need to play "hard to get" and therefore don't text back, though usually it'll be after a couple of texts so it doesn't look too obvious.
Me: I was texting Becca earlier
My Mate: Cool, how'd it go?
Me: Ok for about half an hour, then she turned on the old unable-to-text-back syndrome
My Mate: Tut, of course...
by noisecat June 1, 2005
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