Synonym for bad, terrible, village (search UD for village)
This bar is dross, the music is dross, the beer is dross, but dis gyaldem be lit doe
by Richard the Schlong March 08, 2018
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Very average quality, thinking more about the money than the standard.
It was Dross standard.
by The Dux March 22, 2008
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The reminence of semen in a vagina from a previous sexual encounter
Dude i went down on that chick last night, and got dross all over my face.
by "T"Bag March 06, 2018
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An aesthetic style of visual art created by LA artists by combining cartoons, graffiti and other pedestrian genres.
That burner on Melrose was mad Dross, yo.
by jesuscrackhead January 22, 2011
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1.Insanely low static dropped

1a. Static Dragging

2.(Drossing)Gradually lowering ones truck until it is one with the ground
1. We drossed my truck the other day. I now have a 9/11 drop.

2. I plan on drossing my project truck
by Rippinranger April 13, 2010
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Rubbish or contaminants in metal. slag
This metal is crap, it's full of dross!
by anonymous January 27, 2004
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