A stream of frosting that is added to granola bars, toaster pastries, etc.
Man, I love that Special K Bar with the drizzle, my nizzle!
by Big Papa Elliot October 14, 2007
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"Dude, I had 8 Sea Breezes Saturday night and spent all night throwing up."

"Dude thats friggin awesome"
by Anonymous December 27, 2004
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im a go to hizzle and get some drizzle fo shizzle dizzle, i created this word,
by chris crosby December 07, 2003
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slang for the STD known as syphilis, due to the drizzly constant urination and extreme discomfort. To prevent judgment from others, "the drizzle" is a commonly accepted alternative.
"I heard Billy got The Drizzle..."

"Nahh man, he got the juice.."
by DaddyDinero March 29, 2018
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