In reference to application of Bousch & Lomb Opcon itching and redness eyedrops.
My eyes are so red right now, dude, throw me the drizzles. *throws head back*
by A-Rab January 24, 2005
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if something's the shit then you say it you fucking dumbass get wit it and all u twitter fags can put a hashtag if u want idgaf cunts
by your daddy bitch October 08, 2012
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The act of ejaculating onto a cake/biscuit whilst watching your partner masturbating, then presenting it to them afterwards to eat
S was drizzling all over the cake, smearing his cum all over it after watching J go to work with her toy, she was going to get to taste it later
by Stef/Jules September 01, 2010
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the act of being drizzed;Heavily drunk;havin a bomb ass time while intoxicated;you knoww
Damn bitch, im hella drizzled, lemme skadoosh on your face.
by 3msk11 July 06, 2009
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Slang word for "drink" as in alcohol, handy when talking to your pal's in 10th grade with mommy standing over your shoulder.
"Yo, Andrew, you down to drizzle tonight?"

"Call me when you're set to start drizzin."
by JGash May 20, 2006
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