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1.) a.k.a. Master Shake (Aqua Teen: Hunger Force)
Frylock: Is Shake there?
Shake: Hello! This is the drizzle.
by go fuck yourself October 05, 2004
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slang for the STD known as syphilis, due to the drizzly constant urination and extreme discomfort. To prevent judgment from others, "the drizzle" is a commonly accepted alternative.
"I heard Billy got The Drizzle..."

"Nahh man, he got the juice.."
by DaddyDinero May 17, 2018
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synonymous for being a huge fucking pussyboy. Someone who complains about words like "conversate" and cries a river until they get punched in the fucking eye.
Bob: This nigga is actin like the drizzle, crying about unimportant matters.

Weenus: Fuck him.
by Captain Carnage March 14, 2007
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