Adj. Used to describe when something is REALLY old.
Look at that old ass car.
by Helljin December 19, 2005
When a guy shows up to your work with flowers so you offer him all you have, old ass cookies.
If he sticks around after that, it's love. But it changes the definition of love to old ass cookies.

Love is a thing of the past.
Old ass cookies is where it's at.
1.) I am falling in old ass cookies with her originality.
2.) She was tough to bring around in the beginning, but now I think she is feeling the old ass cookies
by Moonchild7 February 1, 2018
It is what it is... OLD ASS SHIT! Irreparable shit laying around the house that needs to be thrown away!
Eric: Dude, is that a Gameboy?
Lyle: Yes, but it doesn't work.
Eric: Then throw that "old ass shit" away!
by Lo-rettie W September 12, 2009
A term popularized by bitchrap artist Soulja Boy. Ice-t, one of the greatest gangster rappers of all time, dissed Soulja Boy in a mixtape. In response to this, Soulja Boy posted a video on Youtube in which he repeatedly refered to Ice-T as an "old ass nigga". Everytime he said this, his two slaves in the background would let out a fake laugh. Soulja Boy is now one of the moist disrespected artists in all of modern music.
Soulja Boy: You'z an old ass nigga Ice-T, an old ass nigga. Man, how you gon tell a 17 year old to eat a dick? Old ass nigga!!!

Soulja Boy's Slaves: HAHA. nice one Soulja Boy!

What Soulja Boy's Slaves are thinking in their heads: That shit got old the first 50 times he said it.
by Black_Spade July 1, 2008
1.) elderly,bitter person that can't let go of their youth
2.) Vincent Dot Mccraw
3.) Joan rivers
That bitch know she's too much of a old ass bitch to be wearing that!
by Douglass davis April 16, 2006
Someone who is wise beyond their years. A youngin who already knows what it is....
Chauncey: Damn son, look at that boy...
Sessions: Hoodi Whoooo look at em, over there killen the game.
Chaunce: I guess he already knows what it is bra...
Sessions: Shit, old ass youngin....

Ex. John Wall, Stephen Strasburg, Danny Almante
by softboysoup July 15, 2010