When you get nervous or excited, you get "butterflies" in your stomach. Well when you have amazing sex and the male "tickles" the female's bellybutton, from the inside, its called having the dragonflies.
"Baby, you're giving me the dragonflies"
by It always feels amazing January 09, 2010
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an insect that for most of its life lives in the water and feeds on small fish. when grown the dargon fly leaves the water and goes on with life to live in the trees and eats small insects. There are multiple species of dragon fly and they come in a multitude of colors.
A.K.A- troll needle
Dree- "Michelle whats that weird bug thing flying around."
Michelle- "oh thats just a few dragon flies, i think ill name it Connor or Paul, which one?"
by Leandria Bonnerpar November 10, 2007
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a sub for the word shoes, yet can only be used to describe very nice, new shoes.
Dang Dawg,those are some fresh new Dragonflies you be sporting.
by Nick Guacheta June 17, 2008
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When a guy is slingshotted at precisely 88km per hour he will ejected his load on him self and hit the ground making the shape of a dragon fly
The other day there boys u had a wee dragon fly hey boys wanna go dragon fly this weekend
via giphy
by Sherkster July 07, 2020
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An assassin with automatic weapons escaping without restraint , pushing limits on a crotch rocket or dirt-bike.
23 year old suspect killed in a brazen daylight dragonfly firefight downtown this morning
by Chadillac94 March 18, 2018
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