something that scares you, but is actually good for you
Dude, you could be happily married by now if you weren't constantly running from the dragonfly.
by Saltine2009 July 20, 2020
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coheed and cambria have a dragonfly symbol that means heroine - the singer of the band came up with it because his father struggled with an addiction to heroine.
by ambereve666 May 28, 2009
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A made up word created by Moriah Elizabeth. It is a fantasy creature creation that is the combination of a dragon, and a dragonfly. Dragonfly refiring to the insect.
by FluffyPuppy2011 July 15, 2022
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Craigslist slang to indicate that a forum post has received some flags. This is also the basis for "buzz!" When a forum post is flagged, the following haiku appears:
thanks for flagging this
staff will look at it shortly
hey, a dragonfly!

Dragonfly references mean that the thread is destined to be Isled soon.
(forum poster) Buzz.
(second poster) Dragonflies!
by craigslist helper May 28, 2008
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An intense feeling of frustration and/or confusion usually dealing with a relationship.
She won't tell me anything, I think I've got the dragonflies..
by Skyi March 25, 2011
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When you get nervous or excited, you get "butterflies" in your stomach. Well when you have amazing sex and the male "tickles" the female's bellybutton, from the inside, its called having the dragonflies.
"Baby, you're giving me the dragonflies"
by It always feels amazing January 10, 2010
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