An unwelcome sutation; a hardship;
You have to drive all the way uptwon to get him? Man, that's a drag.
by Neven Mrgan January 18, 2003
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to dress in clothing of the opposite sex for the sake of entertainment.
see drag queen, drag king,masher.
Also similar to tom,boi, tomboi
by uber zone June 6, 2003
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Doing entirely way too much over-exaggerating or going too far with a joke.
Wow Kiara you really just dragged it. You didn't have to take it that far.
by jvtech December 11, 2019
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Used to attack someone with an opposite opinion with you. Usually seen in stan twitter.
"look I'm dragging them hard!! They have no more reply!! "
by theteennet December 30, 2016
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That nigga must not know I'll drag the fuck out him about my money.
by B-eEast January 22, 2007
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An annoying/boring person could be concidered a "drag"
Used widely among stoners
Larry is a drag. Larry gets stoned and just stares at the wall and eats airheads.
In a sentance: "Hey you son of a bitch quit being such a drag, I'm coming off my high now"
by This guy! May 4, 2005
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