To have sexual intercourse with another person in a rough manner.
Have you heard the news, Kenny drag the hell out of Shannon last night.
by Raptor April 25, 2005
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Slang for taking longer than necessary to do something.
"Where have you been?"

"Sorry man, I guess I drag"
by ZackkaryElekzander September 26, 2009
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An abbreviation for dragons, often used while chatting on Runescape.
1. Sw33t, I got 137 bronze drags for slayer!
by Nicholi July 05, 2005
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'Drag', contrary to popular belief, is not a man who dresses up as a woman and competes in a race for the pleasure of somebody called 'RuPaul'. It is actually an extraordinary creature which rivals the beauty of that of a 'darius', 'Micropenis the Mighty.' and 'Jelly Belly'.
"Woah, that thing is so cool, beautiful and has massive muscles! It reminds me of drag."
"Don't be silly, drag is way more beautiful and muscular and cool than that thing!"
by IITChallaII December 31, 2019
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Section of Guadalupe St. in Austin, Tx bordering the West side of University of Texas campus where all the local businesses are located
by andrown April 19, 2006
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The act of doing something in the manner of the opposite sex.
He decided to dress drag today by wearing a dress.
by Drag May 31, 2003
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A homosexual, London-based term for clothing.
"Moz said he had bona drag in his latest photo shoot..."
by JayR August 27, 2003
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