Anson: "Mayynn I still have to write my Miller paper!"
Diana: " Drag yo!"
Rishi: " DRAG?!? It must be a black thing"
by chakko December 24, 2008
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The clothes a person (usually a gay man) wears that implies he/she is of the opposite sex.
They'd better hurry up and find a cure for AIDS, I'm running out of drag.
by sj0r December 10, 2003
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To tie a person to the back bumper of a truck and pull them through the streets.
God I hate that kid, I'm gonna drag him.
by Arr Dee November 12, 2003
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Similar to the traditional use of the word when describing someone dressed up as the opposite gender, it can also be used to describe someone dressed in a particular manner, uniform or costume that is contrary to their everyday identity.
I've got on my tuxedo, bow tie and cummerbund — I'm in total prom drag!

I've got on my apron, hair in rollers, doing laundry — I'm in full housewife drag!
by DesignerDaddy August 29, 2013
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