Bitch, u gon' get dragged up and down this thread--I have mad info on u and u will regret EVER fucking with me!!!
by format916 February 21, 2011
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1.Extending a joke, making it unfunny
Bro, dont drag it, you doing the most.
by ItsConcxited November 29, 2016
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1. a bummer, an event or item that is not enjoyable or makes life less enjoyable

2. an inhalation from a cigarette

3. someone who dresses up in clothes of the opposite gender for fun or sexual pleasure, often having a different persona/lifestyle for this dress up
1. That party was a real drag, man.

2. Can I bum a drag?

3. Allyson is her drag queen name!
by Laureltree April 12, 2008
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To roast someone or grab them by their weave and pull them around by their hair (weave)
Sydney: You talking shit about me?
Sienna: Hell yeah what are you finna do about it?
*Sienna gets dragged by sydney*
by DaddyLIkesToes6969 February 28, 2019
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Inhaling smoke from a cigarette or joint. Having a puff or hit.
"Can I bum a drag offa ya cigga."
"Here, have a drag of this spliff, it will take away all your pain."
by Diego November 5, 2003
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