The clothes a person (usually a gay man) wears that implies he/she is of the opposite sex.
They'd better hurry up and find a cure for AIDS, I'm running out of drag.
by sj0r December 10, 2003
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Section of Guadalupe St. in Austin, Tx bordering the West side of University of Texas campus where all the local businesses are located
by andrown April 19, 2006
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Short form of the god, Dragunov (see wordDragunov/word)
Drag is a 1337 h4x0r
by Jeremy Dalton July 27, 2003
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When a small problem is brought up and a certain opposer stretches it to a point it doesn't need to be at because it's irrelevant
All I said was watch your words, she's dead dragging it
by Truth02' April 23, 2016
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The Drag is the name for a portion of Guadalupe Street in Austin, TX that runs along the western edge of the University of Texas campus.

The Drag started as a strip of shops which provided retail and eateries to the university students.

More recently, the once unique and vibrant area has fallen into some disrepair, and some feel the area has become undesirable because of the presence of panhandlers and homeless (sometimes referred to as "Dragworms").

The Drag divides the University of Texas campus from an area called West Campus, where many students live in apartments, fraternity/sorority homes, and other housing.
Person A: I need to head over to campus for a class.

Person B: Are you going to take the bus or walk down The Drag?
by Texas Expert January 14, 2009
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