A reaction someone does when someone finds someone attractive and feels the need to look again or a delayed reaction to something unexpected that has just happened that they feel the need to look again because they didn’t look enough the first time and you intrigued them.
He did a double take when he saw her because he thought he knew her.
by Prettyyoungthangg April 5, 2018
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giving something/someone a second glance, after initially taking notice the first time.
I did a double take when I walked past Britney in the hallway....sweetness!
by hipster April 2, 2004
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When you do a once over on somebody, but something about them (male in a dress, purple hair, somebody looks like somebody you know in a crowd, etc.) caught your eye.

Often due to surprise at what you *thought* you saw, but you desire a second glance.
"Lose Control" by Missy Elliot. (It asked for an example. This is not my favorite song.)

"I’ve got a cute face
Chubby waist
Thick legs in shape
Rump shakinboth ways
Make you do a double take"
by ~The Nameless One~ September 16, 2005
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reacting belatedly when one finally realizes the significance of something
I initially didn't realize that she was talking about being a social worker but did a double-take when I grasped the statement.
by The Return of Light Joker July 30, 2010
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When you're passing someone and make eye contact then look away and look back with the most fucked up face possible.
"Oh shit dude look at this chick. Let's double take her."
by myt October 13, 2014
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I was so confused, should I comment the MySpace picture or should I comment the Facebook picture, it was mammoth Double Take.
by Cahara March 3, 2009
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The act of taking a wet, crusty, pain in the ass to wipe shit ( so bad that your ass bleeds ). Upon finishing the tough task of wiping you suddenly realize you have to drop another. This second shit causes more bleeding. During the wiping of this shit the pain is unbearable and you wipe more blood then shit.
Opposite of the perfect poop
by COTT PETERSON March 5, 2005
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