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Euphemism for fuck. Anyway you use it.
Screw you.
You're screwed.
That's pretty screwy (fucked up).
Wanna screw?
I can't find a screw...
(... seriously. If you're looking for fucking screws, you're never gonna get laid. So you're desperately looking for a fuck. Cause nails work better... or I just desperately wanted this definition to work. I think screwed this definitions ratings)
by ~The Nameless One~ May 20, 2005

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Best damn part of Gone in 60 seconds.
Gone in 60 seconds was a 2000 remake of the 1974 version, which was low budget. Would've been a shitty remake if not for the extreme hottness of the Hot chick you just looked up.
by ~The Nameless One~ May 11, 2005

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The second coolest thing in the world. Just like fire except it's not hot. And you can squeeze it in your hands. And it comes in multiple colors. And it smells like shit. And unlike fire it can't burn down houses and forests. Come to think of it, its not really like fire at all....Shit
This play=doh is just like fire. I mean....errr....ummm.....shit
by ~The Nameless One~ July 03, 2005

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A word people use because they like deceiving themselves to believe we live in a Utopia.

Mostly they're used by organizations and "considerate" people who don't want to offend the "situationally disturbed" citizens.

George Carlin, a comedian, did a great schpiel about euphemisms once. (A few of the following examples are in his speech.)

You should read it. It may not "open your eyes," but you'll realize how much we like to disguise our speech and blind ourselves. Disguising a condition with nicer, longer words doesn't change the fact that you still have the condition. Sorry.

(Note: Not all examples {e.g. black/white} are "conditions" or negative at all}
IMO, There's nothing wrong with most of the following conditions; they just warrant a euphemism because society can't accept reality. Many are unavoidable.
I just call 'em like I see em.

is old, they're elderly senior citizens.
is gay, they're homosexual.
is poor, they're in poverty.
is black, they're African American.
is white, they're Caucasian.
is fat, they're obese.
is a slut, they're promiscuous.
is crippled, they're handicapped.
is deaf, they're hearing impaired.
is blind, they're visually impaired.
is retarded, they're mentally challenged.
is short, they're vertically challenged.
is stupid, they're academically challenged.

I could go on.
by ~The Nameless One~ October 11, 2005

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The proper course of action after we get signal.

Likely followed by immediate recognition of whomever is attempting to contact you, especially to find out how are you gentlemen.
Operator: We get signal.
Captain: What !
Operator: Main screen turn on.
Captain: It's You !!
Cats: How are you gentlemen !!
by ~The Nameless One~ June 02, 2007

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The state of having holes.
OMFG ROFL This swiss cheese is holy, let's worship it!
by ~The Nameless One~ June 17, 2005

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1. Most commonly referred to in the form of an uprising. Usually by the people who are doing the revolt, the high powers consider it a rebellion.

2. Also a full orbit around a planet (for satellites/moons) or star (for planets).

The origin is interesting: Copernicus published a book in 1543 (apparently it's title is contraversial) Called something to the effect of: "On the Revolution of Heavenly Spheres". The Heavenly spheres is the part in question: some say it's Heavenly Orbs, celestial spheres, Heavenly bodies... but I went with the most common theory.

This book caused such an uprising, that the word revolution gained it's new and now common meeting.
1. Viva la revolution! (The revolution lives!)

2. It takes 365.24 days for the Earth to make a full revolution around the sun (according to the atomic clock), which is why our leap year adds another day every four years-- to make it reach 365.25. Because these numbers don't match exactly, our years are actually inaccurate, moreso as time goes on.
by ~The Nameless One~ June 05, 2005

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