A female rapper who performed a miracle by becoming famous without dancing about half-nude. Nevertheless, she feels the need to brag about her own beauty.
Song Title: I'm Really Hot

Lyrics Of Her Own:

"I've got a cute face"
"Hey hey hey, I'm what's happ'ning'"
"I'm heaven sent"
"I'm a hot gal"
"Really-ly-ly-ly-ly-ly-ly-ly hot-hot-hot-hot-hot
Really-ly-ly-ly-ly-ly-ly-ly hot-hot-hot-hot-hot"

Lyrics While Being Featured In Other Songs:

"Yeah, we look stunnin'
Other girls get mad because
They might look ugly"
"I know you heard about a lot of great MCs
But they ain't got nothin' on me"
"I'm too hot"

My Opinion:

Missy Elliot is butt-ugly.
by Daughter of Set March 4, 2006
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rapper who whines bootleggers steal musci when she livin in a 15 bedroom mansion with like 20 cars
All bootleggers die but lets go to my mansion
by Pimpjuice209 September 4, 2003
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Once she came out with her completely original Supa Dupa Fly, she became a hit. Recently, she lost major weight and is looking pretty Supa Dupa Fly herself...
Did u hear that new joint by Missy Elliot? She's really really hott.....
by Charity November 25, 2004
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to be simultaneuosly fat and so annoying that I myself am taking the pains to use the urban dictionary to relieve myself of my anger towards her continous existence and her current inabilty to die

No example exists other than Missy Elliot herself

Small essay on Missy Elliot:

Missy Elliot - all that fat bitch can chat about is her "chubby waist" .. you think i give a shit about that? do i wana hear about her lard? no. and whats that shit about "i got a cute face": she is evidently butters

she has also recently reffered to herself as having "(i got)beyonce hips"; comparing her own body structure to beyonce knowles in the remix of "Touch It" - I am horribly offfended by this claim and was physically sick when I first heard it

In conclusion, Missy Elliot is the shittest rapper ever, she can only talk about sex and her presumably 'buff body' & she's not being ironic either - she actually belives the shit she says. Someone needs to put an end to her vile misogynist 'music' once and for all - YES I am suggesting she be shot the fuck down
by Willis McGee July 18, 2006
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No-talent femcee who thinks she fine.
No Missy, you're not Foxy Brown. You ain't no greatest and no one wants to work that.
by Plead The Fifth January 12, 2005
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man hold up this chick is the tytest kewlest raper ever existed. shes so supa dupa fly shes specially in style with them adidas shoes and cloth shes like my rolemodel she's the best fo sho!!!!!
missy word with the new single pass da dutch
by gris November 17, 2003
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