12 definitions by COTT PETERSON

the most unusual sexuality- a guy who thinks he is a striaght girl and is constantly chasing after guys like milton
both a sexuality andn nationality for vinny
Male gymnast teams give each other crazy carls instead of regular hazing
by COTT PETERSON March 02, 2005
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1.a person usually white who thinks hes a ganster but hes not and lives in a rich suburb or rural area.
2. A fake gangsta
There are many fangstas in hauppauge
by COTT PETERSON February 27, 2005
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when you take a shit and it comes out like little plops
dude last night i ate chinese food and this morning i had poop peanuts
by COTT PETERSON March 05, 2005
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The S & M community is for people with bizzare fetishes. At S & M parties Rashad wearing only big leather boots, straps leather around Dylan and his ostrich. He then proceeds to place suction cups on their nipples. Now he continues his ritual by sucking the milk out of the moist nipples untill they are dry. With this milk he takes Chris's ass hairs and makes a smoothie with the ostrich and Dylan milk and Chris ass hairs. He takes his final product to Harlem where it is sold on the streets or at S & M parties. Other fetishes of Rashad's are recieving Hot Carls from his fine Sri Lankian elephants.
by COTT PETERSON March 03, 2005
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The act of taking a wet, crusty, pain in the ass to wipe shit ( so bad that your ass bleeds ). Upon finishing the tough task of wiping you suddenly realize you have to drop another. This second shit causes more bleeding. During the wiping of this shit the pain is unbearable and you wipe more blood then shit.
Opposite of the perfect poop
by COTT PETERSON March 04, 2005
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the act of cruising in an expensive car until you come to a truck stop, leaving your car, and meeting one driver. you then proceed to lombardi slap him until he cries from the pain. that hick bitch deserves to be slapped.
last night i was cruisin' and i saw some guy was giving a truckster papa to some redneck...it was hilarious!
by COTT PETERSON March 02, 2005
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1. adj. clueless
2. n. one who teaches imaginary ideas
3. n. the only teaching position open to past special ed. students
by COTT PETERSON February 26, 2005
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