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A brilliantly innovative, creative and intelligent woman. She has the ability to make anyone feel powerful and excited to be a live. Her funny and playful demeanor will brighten your day. She can be stubborn to have her own way and will fight for what she is determined to have. If you are respectful and loving to her, she will be devoted to you whether a lover or a friend. She is romantic, compassionate and above all hardworking. Her laughter is contagious and she tends to easily laugh until it hurts. She is great at the arts, dancing, music and design. Everyone needs one 'Dotti' in their life.
by Lydia the tatoo lady! February 04, 2010
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a very unattractive female troll. Indigenous to under bridges and also found in sewers.
Kenny: Before i could pass the bridge i was asked three questions by the dottis.
Bill: Well did you get them right?
Kenny: No, so i had to pay the troll toll.
Bill: That sucks but at least she didn't rape you.
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