Is she hot?
Whould you hit it?
What's her name? (usualy not needed)
hopper - "my friend is coming into town."
shane (shampoo) - "three questions."
hopper - "Yes, Yes, Who cares."
by cheatham homie April 4, 2006
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The three questions are from AMCs The Walking Dead, in which Rick or someone from his group would ask someone the following questions.
"How many walkers have you killed?"
"How many people have you killed" followed up by

The exact amount of walkers or people a person has killed to the point they're not trustworthy is unknown, and asking them why they did it determines whether or not they can be a part of his group, or if they get to live.
The three questions being asked:
"How many walkers have you killed?"
"A couple dozen give or take."
"How many people have you killed."

"They tried to kill me so I had no choice but to kill them, they were gonna take all my stuff."
by RED4ACTED April 15, 2021
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