Sickest; coolest; tightest; most awesome.
The was the dopest thing ever man!
by Colin October 19, 2004
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Someone who is very rich and successful, but not very talented. You suspect they arrived at their fortune through ill-gotten gains.
"How does THAT guy have a lambo? What a dopester."
by Captn American December 20, 2018
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- At least two participants (you can play by yourself but then you are an alcoholic) but the more the better
- as much canned beer/beverages as you think all participants will drink (trust me, you don't want to have to get more later)
- at least one roll of duct tape
- permanent marker
- at least one (but preferably multiple) type(s) of hard alcohol
- one shot glass for each player
- Style points are awarded if you dress, talk and act like you're the Dopest MC and ESPECIALLY if you kick some freestyle!

- Basically you drink CANS of beer and duct tape each fresh can to the top of the stack of previously consumed cans so you can increase the size of your “Mic”. The bigger your mic, obviously the hotter rhymes you can spit. Each can represents the number of singles you’ve put out in your career. The person who puts out the most singles in the night wins (but really everyone who's drinking wins). For every 3 singles you put out, you have to have a Rap Battle and “Get Shot” (AKA a shot of liquor). This will maintain your street cred, allow you to keep spittinhot fire, and give you the popularity necessary to “Release an Album”.

- At the beginning of the game, players decide on any special rules, including at which point a rap battle must occur. Rap Battles will be discussed later but generally they happen every 3rd level in order to “Release an Album. As well, if a prize is to be played for, it should be displayed or decided on before play begins.

- After rules are decided and agreed upon (might be a good idea to write them down in case any late comers come in), all players open their first beverage. When a player has finished his or her first beverage they are now a “1 Single MC". This is important since you can only call yourself an "X Level MC" when you have finished X number of beers. They must then "Release a New Single" by retrieving a full beverage, placing it on top of the now empty can, and securely taping the two together. FYI one or two good wraps of duct tape where the cans meet is usually sufficient, you don't want to over do it or you'll run out. Game play continues in this manner, “Releasing Singles” after finishing each beverage until the pre-determined "Rap Battle" level has been reached.

Rap Battles/Getting Shot:
- This occurs once you are have finished your 3rd beer, assuming you chose to battle every 3rd level (4th beer for every 4th, etc...). You cannot "Release an Album" as a "3 Single MC" until you’ve Battled another MC and get shot. This is done by taking a shot of hard liquor. Upon consuming your shot, you get to “Release an Album” by writing the name of your album on the 3rd Can/Duct Tape. BONUS POINTS awarded for creative album names!

- Again, it's important to note that “Releasing an Album” comes after releasing the 3rd single which comes after the Rap Battle/Getting Shot; players “Releasing an Album” will be getting their 4th beverage can (and will have consumed a Shot), and will retain "3 Single MC” status until they have finished their 4th can.

For example:
- One Beer finished: “1 Single MC”
- Two Beer finished: “2 Single MC”
- Three Beer finished: “3 Single MC”
- Rap Battle (Get Shot): “Release an Album”
- Four Beer finished: “4 Single MC”, etc , etc

- Players may choose to play other drinking games while playing Dopest MC. This is acceptable and encouraged! However, the rules as to how many levels can be obtained by winning a game should be decided on in advance to avoid gang/posse confrontations later on. Some favourites are: "Rhyming Words With ‘Orange’" and “My Chains Weigh More Than Yours”. No changes to the games are made, however the winners of each mini-game are awarded 1 level (in the form of an empty can) taken from the loser to add to the winner’s mic. Losers get nothing as they lost the match and are losers. Any other game may be played as long as the levels to be awarded at the end are pre-determined. Simple games such as “How Many Hos Gave You Brain Tonight” do not need any additional levels to be awarded as drinking will continue in the usual manner.

Appropriate MC Slang must be used whenever possible:
- "I'm feeling drunk" = "I gots my drink on, bitch"
- "I need another beer" = "Get Poppa some more beer, bitch"
- "Let's play Brain" = "Suck my dick, bitch"
and so and so forth.

In the end, everyone wins thanks to the copious amount of beverages that end up being consumed. However, the person who releases the most singles is eligible to win a prize that was determined at the beginning of the game (typically choosing which shortie is coming home with him). This can either be by the end of the night/next morning or at a pre-determined time, depending on what works better for the game.
"Homey let's get a couple 30 packs and play some Dopest MC!"

Girl A: "Look at those guys with the huge mics made out of beer cans"
Girl B: "Oh, I bet they're playing Dopest MC"
Girl A: "That's making me hot, let's go grab them and take off our clothes!"
Girl B: "I'm gonna have two MCs inside of me!"
by strangewayz May 30, 2008
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The absolute best version of something.
That party Friday night was hot, Mos Def even rolled through. However Saturday night's party was the dopest supreme, son.
by HBieber September 20, 2010
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best weed ever
commonly used towards pineapple express
this shit is the dopest dope ive ever smoked
by n1ckmotherfucker December 23, 2008
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