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When a child or a pet is playfully annoying
Dad said 'no dooping George, go and get your shoes'

The dog was dooping all day
by Scratcher33 June 10, 2018
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Packing a lip, or dipping tobacco while sitting upon your porcelain throne taking a poop.
Hey man i've gotta drop a fat deuce, might as well be dooping while im in there.
by Literally_Awful February 20, 2015
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Person 1: Hey!
Person 2: Hi. Did you do the test in Smith's class yet? It was so hard.
Person 1: What!?!? There's a test in Smith's? I have him next.
Person 2: Lol calm down I'm just dooping.

Person 1: You're a horrible person you know that right?

Person 2: Debatable.
by I don't know a name to use August 23, 2017
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Dooping is when you think you got a booger, but you're really just shifting it all over your face.
"Dude, it's on your right cheek now. You just keep dooping it all over your face"!
by Frogish Jen February 24, 2011
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